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Tall Bearded Irises

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  • Peal of Bells
    $12.00 Peal of Bells
    (Barry Blyth, 14/15) Sdlg. S213-2. TB, 37" (94 cm), E-M S. apricot, slightly flushed deeper towards lower outer edge; F. deep rose-tan, lightening at the center, ¹⁄₈˝ edge of standard color; beards deep tangerine;...

  • Passionately Yours
    $12.00 Passionately Yours
    (Barry Blyth, 12/13) Sdlg. Q69-A. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM S. creamy apricot to creamy peach blend; F. same, deepening at hafts; beards deep tangerine; pronounced musky fragrance.  Leaf base is red-purple which adds interest...

  • Evening Rounds
    $10.00 Evening Rounds
    (Robin Shadlow 2015)  M, 36" Standards soft yellow, style arms yellow.  Falls very round with violet washed deeply over the center, the outer 1/4" edge is yellow with a narrow white margin before the violet begins...

  • Ruby Royal
    $12.00 Ruby Royal
      (Barry Blyth, 12/13) TB, 35 (89 cm), M S. cherry black; F. slightly deeper cherry black overlaid plush; beards cherry black; slight sweet fragrance. Q36-1: (Keppel 99-139B, Royal Majesty sib, x Keppel 02-169C: (Hold...

  • Music of The Surf
    $12.00 Music of The Surf
    (Barry Blyth, 12/13) Sdlg. T319-1. TB, 37 (94 cm), EM S. blue violet deepening at midrib, shading to icy blue on outer petal; F. smooth blue-violet deepening slightly at hafts; beards muted soft lemon; slight sweet fragrance...

  • Just Witchery
    $15.00 Just Witchery
    (Barry Blyth 11/12) Sdlg. Q2-2. TB, 35 (89 cm), M S. orchid pink over champagne, very lacy; F. light rose-magenta blended over petals and ¼˝ edge of S. color; beards white base, hairs tipped vivid tangerine;...

  • Double Platinum
    $9.00 Double Platinum
     (Joseph Ghio 12) Sdlg. 06-72-03. TB, 36 (91 cm), ML & RE S. light shell pink, deeper pink midrib; F. pearl pink, biscuit-pink shoulders to narrow biscuit-pink edge; beards tangerine. Role Reversal X Hopeless...

  • Drama Queen
    $8.50 Drama Queen
      (Keith Keppel 03) Sdlg. 96-10B. TB, 38" (97 cm), EMS. near-solid dark blackish cyclamen purple (M&P 48-L-9/10), very faint golden buff ground toward base; style arms blended rose brown (7-H-8) and slate purple...

  • Wedding Kiss
    $12.00 Wedding Kiss
    (Barry Blyth,10/11) Sdlg. O149-A. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML S. and F. lemon cream; beards gold; slight sweet fragrance. Sugar Bomb X Wild Sugar Our shipping season runs July 15 to August 31.   We ship in the order...

  • Treasure Trader
    $12.00 Treasure Trader
    (Barry Blyth 09/10) TB, 37", VVE S. lemon yellow; F. blended deep burgundy-rose deepening to burgundy-black at hafts and lightening toward edge to lemon buff rim; beards bright mustard yellow. L304-1, Platinum Class sib, X...

  • Silk Road
    $8.50 Silk Road
    (Keith Keppel 08) TB, 40", ML S. light greenish-yellow, base pyrethrum yellow, blue violet midrib stripe on inner surface; style arms light greenish yellow, lavender midrib and flush; F. violet blue, pale blue edge,...

  • Second Helping
    $7.50 Second Helping
    (Michael Sutton 10)  TB, 34", EML & RE S. pink orange, buff orange edge; style arms cream yellow; F. palest cream edged yellow-orange; beard hairs white tipped yellow-orange; laced; pronounced sweet fragranceBarbara...

  • Raging Tide
    $8.50 Raging Tide
    (Keith Keppel 07)  TB, 38", ML S. blue, edged darker; style arms pale blue; F. medium violet-blue center, 1½"outer area pale blue; beards blue white tipped lemon, white tipped lemon in throat; very ruffled. Sea...

  • Poster Girl
    $12.00 Poster Girl
     (Barry Blyth 09/10) 36", EM S. beige apricot infused rose at midrib; F. beige apricot, ¼" well-defined pink-violet edge; beards tangerine orange. N24-2, Blue Rising sib, X N257-1: (L150-2: (Hot Secret x J215-3,...

  • Painted Flutes
    $12.00 Painted Flutes
    (Barry Blyth 07/08) TB, 42", EMLS. light iridescent violet; F. same, overlaid with outpouring of blackish violet, deep around beards; beards purple tipped bronze, muted; sweet fragranceSwordsman X Enchanter Our shipping...

  • Noble Gesture
    $8.50 Noble Gesture
    (Keith Keppel 10)  TB, 38", EM S. and style arms concord; F. velvety, darker than fluorite; beards mustard/blue white, bronze brown/blue at end. 98-105A: (Polished Manners x 96-18B: (94-77A: (90-82E: (87-91A: (85-48A:...

  • Lording It
    $12.00 Lording It
    (Barry Blyth 09/10) TB, 40", VVE-RE S. creamy white, heavy blending of butter yellow coming half way up, fine butter yellow filigree edge; F. rich red-burgundy to burgundy-black, heavy starburst outpouring of yellow around...

  • Double Shot
    $7.50 Double Shot
      (George Sutton 00) TB, 36", EML & RES. white, sanded violet blue; style arms violet blue; F. white, heavily striped violet blue; beards white, hairs tipped yellow; slight sweet fragrance. Point in Time X G-83:...

  • Class Ring
    $8.50 Class Ring
      (Keith Keppel 10) TB, 36", EMS. rubient; style arms laurel oak (7-J-10); F. cream white ground, ¼" rubient band, hafts darker, java brown suffusion; beards marigold orange , layered marigold...

  • Carnival Capers
    $12.00 Carnival Capers
    (Barry Blyth, R. 2006) TB, 36", MLS. creamy lemon; F. lavender, 3/4" soft champagne edge, violet center, hafts smooth tan extending half way down, tan black near top; beards mustard; pronounced sweet fragrance. H159-2,...

  • Bolder Boulder
    $7.50 Bolder Boulder
    (Tom Magee 00) TB, 30", E & RES. pinkish grey; style arms grey, lilac lip; F. purplish lilac; beards bittersweet; slight sweet fragrance. Acoma X Champagne EleganceHM 2002 reblooms here in Salem, OR Our shipping season...

  • By Jeeves
    $12.00 By Jeeves
    (Barry Blyth 08/09)  TB, 36", EMS. lavender lilac; F. rich violet, well defined ¼" lilac edge, heavily veined white pattern around beards, very ruffled allowing lilac reverse to show; beards bright tangerine;...

  • Adriatic Waves
    $8.50 Adriatic Waves
      (Keith Keppel 09)  TB, 40", MS. and style arms near cornflower blue (M&P 42-E-9); F. medium violet-blue (43-G-12) shading to steeplechase blue (43-F-11) at margin; beards white tipped lemon, pale blue at end;...

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