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  • Snow Melt
    $8.00 Snow Melt
    (Michael Sutton 04) TB, 34", EML & RE S. pale blue white; style arms ice white; F. cornflower blue edged ice white; beards cornflower blue, yellow in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. Mariposa Skies X Jurassic...

  • Starring Encore
    $8.00 Starring Encore
      (Donald Spoon 08) TB, 35", EM & RES. raspberry  with bases blended golden yellow; style arms edged golden yellow with raspberry crests and midlines, laced crests; F. distal plum purple with lighter edges,...

  • Starry Starry Sky
    $6.00 Starry Starry Sky
    (Nancy Price, 2009) Sdlg. 03-075C. IB, 25" (64 cm), M S. light blue; F. same, small white spray around beard; beards white tipped yellow in throat.   Eramosa Skies X Daughter of Stars   Excellent rebloom seen...

  • $6.00 Sun Spirit
    (Jim & Vicki Craig, 2007) Sdlg. AH91L25. MTB, 23" (58 cm), EML Rich orange self; beards orange.   AH59G15: (28E13: (1Z71: (Payoff x Rave Review) x Good Show) x 45E5: (AH21B7: (62X1: (Hager AMT3798WY x 22V14:...

  • Teagan
    $6.00 Teagan
    (Donald Spoon 2009) Sdlg. 2005-611BLGR. SDB, 15" (38 cm), E & RE S. and style arms white; F. blue green, light edges and midline, yellow green at hafts; beards white tipped light tangerine at end, medium tangerine in...

  • Tremors
    $5.00 Tremors
      (Thomas Johnson 06)  SDB, 11", M & RES. small yellow ground, wide deep plum-brown band and rib; style arms deep plum-brown; F. yellow ground, deep plum-brown edge; beards yellow; sweet fragrance. Ringer X...

  • Twice Is Nice
    $10.00 Twice Is Nice
    (Paul Black 2013) Sdlg. S69AR. TB, 42" (107 cm), E-M S. wheat-tan; style arms golden wheat-tan, lilac ridge; F. fuchsia center blending to red-violet to ½˝ mid red-brown blended band, mid red-brown haft, veined tan;...

  • Velvet Echo
    $5.00 Velvet Echo
    (A. & D. Willott 05) Sdlg. W 03-81. SDB, 12" (30 cm), EM & RE  S. deep violet; style arms full violet; F. velvety deep red-violet edged full violet; beards full violet, yellow orange in throat; ruffled; slight...

  • Violet Moon
    $15.00 Violet Moon
    (Philip Remare 2018)  IB   E & RE    Violet Moon has been a strong rebloomer since its maiden bloom.  It is a pleasing violet with petite, lightly ruffled blooms.  It is one of the...

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