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  • Reboot
    $12.00 Reboot
    (Robin Shadlow 2017) SDB  12”  M & RE.  In some ways Reboot is more of a repeat bloomer than a rebloomer.  We first noticed its tendencies in June here.  Its not that particular though as...

  • Replicator
    $5.00 Replicator
    (Richard Tasco 06) SDB, 11", M & RE S. magenta violet, inside bottom veined dark burgundy-brown; style arms, pinkish white edges; F., large purple-black spot veined slightly darker; beards light violet, burgundy brown...

  • Solar Gain
    $5.00 Solar Gain
    (Keith Keppel 09) Sdlg. 02-58A. IB, 24" (61 cm), EM S. and style arms darker than golden glow (M&P 9-L-6); F. darker than (9-L-5); beards darker than deep chrome yellow (9-L-7); glaciata. Delirium X 99-64A: (Atomic...

  • Starry Starry Sky
    $6.00 Starry Starry Sky
    (Nancy Price, 2009) Sdlg. 03-075C. IB, 25" (64 cm), M S. light blue; F. same, small white spray around beard; beards white tipped yellow in throat.   Eramosa Skies X Daughter of Stars   Excellent rebloom seen...

  • Stop And Stare
    $7.00 Stop And Stare
    (Thomas Johnson 2014) Sdlg. TD258A. SDB, 13" (33 cm), E S. white, lemon tints, slight gold halo that fades with age; style arms white; F. large black spot with wide white band, small white dart below beard; beards...

  • Velvet Echo
    $5.00 Velvet Echo
    (A. & D. Willott 05) Sdlg. W 03-81. SDB, 12" (30 cm), EM & RE  S. deep violet; style arms full violet; F. velvety deep red-violet edged full violet; beards full violet, yellow orange in throat; ruffled; slight...

  • Violet Moon
    $20.00 Violet Moon
    (Philip Remare 2018)  IB   E & RE    Violet Moon has been a strong rebloomer since its maiden bloom.  It is a pleasing violet with petite, lightly ruffled blooms.  It is one of the...

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