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AIS Voucher

I do accept AIS Vouchers.  There isn't a way to do this fully on the site, but I have 2 options that help me give you the discount.


Select your irises and go through the checkout process.  Let me know you have an AIS voucher in the order comments.  When you reach payment, select pay by check.  Subtract $25.00 from the amount.  Then you can mail the voucher and a check payable to:

Robin Shadlow
3769 Cordon RD NE
Salem, OR 97305

The other option is nearly the same.  Let me know you would like to pay by either credit card or paypal in the comments and mention you have an AIS Voucher.  Select pay by check and then I will send you an invoice from either square for credit card or from paypal.

Sorry about the work around.  This is a solo operation at this point in time (my sisters are still in Nebraska) and though the site isn't fancy, it serves the needs of our small business.